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Divas Travel & Cruise 4 Fun 


About Us 

Divas Travel & Cruise 4 Fun is an evolving travel company offering some of the most exclusive and authentic trips around the world. We fully organize group travel to six continents throughout the year for like-minded travelers in their 30's up to 60's who aspire to travel and open to meeting new travel buddies. Our trips are authentic, well planned and our selection of accommodations are most popular. We strive to provide the best guidance and services to our clients at rates that are unbeatable.

Nadine McLean, founder and main host for Divas Travel & Cruise 4 Fun and owner of Over The Top Travel LLC. My husband is Kevin McLean and our boys – Jordan 24 and Keanu 16. I am a graduate from Florida International University with an MBA in Business & Finance and a Travel Consultant. My desire to host group adventures came about after a few successful trips with my very close friends. Over the years I have truly loved and enjoyed this hobby. Our group takes several adventures to different countries and within the United States. Adventures will vary from land, sea, river cruises or special events.

My passion for travel started 25 years ago and has always been my dream to explore different parts of the world.  But why do it alone and why not open the gates to others, so they too can experience the luxury and inspiration of traveling. Traveling can be costly and time consuming to plan but no need to worry when you are part of Divas Travel & Cruise 4 Fun because we take the worry out of travel. All you got to do is get ready to have endless and memorable fun times. We offer a flexible payment plan to get you going.


Divas Travel & Cruise 4 Fun is excited to meet you and look forward to seeing you on one of our many adventures. As mentioned, this group was designed to seek and find women who want to travel but just haven’t found the right group to mix and mingle with. I got you, well your search is over!!!  Get busy and be prepared to hang out with empowered women of all race and color. Again, this group is for the adventurous traveler, women looking to encourage other women and the ones who are optimistic about life.


Our mission at Divas Travel & Cruise 4 Fun is to connect and build a diversified travel community for people who love to travel and who are seeking like-minded travelers to explore the world. With our expertise and passion for travel, we aim to grow into a traveling globe network company with an opportunity for others to travel, explore and repeat destinations all at an unbeatable price. Our aim is to give something back to needed communities we visit in addition to serving the community we operate our business.

Tired of waiting for a friend to decide on going somewhere? Tired of pushing them or invitations that ends up in no shows? Listen, life is about you, start thinking about how you are going to enjoy you. You can share your experiences after with the procrastinators and probably they will join in on the fun.

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For those who already know me, y’all know I am about adventure, fun, and staying happy.  

Thanks again for your time and welcome to Divas Travel & Cruise 4 Fun. If there are any questions and suggestions, please contact us.


The McLean's